Win32 extension woes.

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Wed Mar 15 10:38:43 CET 2000

"Jon Riehl" <jriehl at> wrote in message
news:38CF241B.C80A402E at
> Howdy folks,
> I am trying to get SWIG to wrap the CDX library
> (, and it works great!  Until I try to use the
> wrapped library in a script.  What I mean to say is that from the
> interpreter, I can do all sorts of wacky stuff.  However, as soon
> as I move what I was typing from the interpreter into a script, one
> of the C++ methods blows up.


What you are trying to do should work fine.

It sounds like your problem is related to the Python thread lock -
unfortunately, you havent given any specifics about the problems you
are seeing.

You may wish to check out the CEnterLeavePython class in the
pywintypes project of the win32 extensions - this is a C++ class that
manages acquiring the thread-lock before calling into Python.

If the problem is not thread-lock related, you need to give us more


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