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Bill Scherer scherbi at bam.com
Wed Mar 29 18:10:28 CEST 2000

I use OD, and agree with you re the speed issue.  I've heard that
certain third parties can be paid to develop language modules for Rose,
but have not investigated it.

I think it's time a project was put together to develop a UML tool in
python.  I don't have the time to manage such a project, but I would
volunteer to help with design, coding, testing, and even coordination as
much as I could.

All the pieces are ready, I think.  The project can be hosted on
sourceforge.net, rational.com should have enough free doc available to
come up with a complete metamodel, and Sketch should have at least a few
useful parts...

Ralph Heinkel wrote:

> Hi,
> I am considering to purchase Rational Rose to plan a medium complex
> software system in our lab. However (as most CASE tools) they do not
> yet support Python. Did anybody take the burden and developed his/her
> own (and is willing to spread it to the world)?
> (I know that there is ObjectDomain but it's damn slow ...)
> Thanks,
> Ralph
> (heinkel at LABER.embl-heidelberg.de
>  please remove LABER from the eMail address -> spam protection)
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