Re-inserting data

Paul Magwene paul.magwene at
Wed Mar 22 01:47:52 CET 2000

"Daley, MarkX" wrote:
> The only problem with that is I don't have any control over whether or not
> tuples are used.  I am using SQL to query data from a server and this is the
> format it uses to return the data.  Worse yet, the tuples are not strictly
> strings, but dates and numbers, also.  I am trying to pull a date from each
> tuple, convert it, and return it to the tuple before it gets written to a
> file.  Any ideas?

Well, in terms of the immutable tuple problem you can convert your
tuples to lists using the list() function and then convert back to
tuples using the tuple() function (both builtins).  


Paul Magwene
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