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> At 7:45 PM +0000 30-03-2000, Matheus Rodrigues wrote:
> >Does it mean that IDLE and the Tkinter extensions work fine too ?
> Big Oops: Tkinter works, but not as smoothly. IDLE can be made to work, but
> not very well. I should've mentioned that. I guess I'm in a denial phase ;-)
> The good news is that the MacPython IDE isn't too bad, except it doesn't do
> syntax coloring...
> >You said "no threading (yet)". Is there anyone working on that ?
> Yes, Jack Jansen and others are working on integrating GUSI2, which offers
> posix threads under MacOS, as well as thread safe sockets.
> Just


I think that there is a module in the contribs folder of the mac distro
that includes syntax coloring for the Mac IDE....  I fiddled a bit (still
a newbie) with Tkinter and PMW and both seem to work OK (I believe their
limitations are that of Tcl/Tk on the Mac, I would expect that as the
Tcl/Tk Mac port improves so will Tkinter and PMW...).

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