Python 1.6 and Python 3000's new features?

Fredrik Lundh effbot at
Wed Mar 8 18:01:49 CET 2000

Alessandro Bottoni wrote:
> [Python 3000] The contents of this version are still under discussion, but
> will almost certainly be backward-incompatible.

> [Python 1.6] In addition, Guido will include some existing bug fixes and
> probably Fredrik Lundh's new regular expressions engine
> Why Python 3000 should be backward-incompatible? Is it possible to have a
> "big-picture" of this major version?

spring cleaning.  get rid of most warts, add typing, clean
up the (rather messy, by now) standard library.  etc.

> Why new regular expressions? What was wrong with the "old" re module?

it doesn't support unicode.


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