Splitting comp.lang.python

Mikael Olofsson mikael at isy.liu.se
Wed Mar 1 16:15:56 CET 2000

On 01-Mar-00 rmeegan at murlmail.com wrote:
 >  Greetings -
 >  I find it very hard to seperate the technical and non-technical aspects 
 >  of c.l.py. For example, are newbie questions technical? What if the 
 >  response brings up a technical aspect? Does the thread somehow move to 
 >  the correct newsgroup? 
 >  In what Tim would surely rate as no more than a <0.5 wink>, I propose 
 >  that a more useful split would be to create a seperate newsgroup for 
 >  messages that advocate the end of whitespace for block delimiting and 
 >  the addition of functional programming features, along with John 
 >  Skaller's explanations of the superiority of Viper (Vyper?) to Python. 
 >  This split alone should remove roughly 42% of the postings in any given 
 >  month. 

I can agree on whitespace and functional programming, but it's not that
bad about Viper. We have more Zope and Ruby threads than Viper threads 
in this newsgroup.


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