IIS + ASP + <#@Language=Python#>== performance_hit

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Wed Mar 1 02:29:41 CET 2000

Another thing to do is import time and
print err I mean Response.Write
I'm curious if python starts on time, but you don't see the page several
seconds later.

Also, print out your paths, maybe some path information is screwed up.

And did you look at all of your SeverVariables?

This puts all of the SeverVariables in a nice python dictionary:

d_env={} #initialize dictionary
for key in Request.ServerVariables:

How much of the setup do you know about?
Do they have something silly like python installed on a busy remote


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> 1.5.2 (blah-blah-blah) -- I made a page the imported sys.py and
> sys.version.
> Good idea....
> Thx.
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