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Sun Mar 12 17:23:59 CET 2000

Darrell wrote:
> It's interesting to think about Stackless Python and Forth.
> I think Forth hackers have be dealing with continuations for years. Task
> schedulers swap out the (dataStack, returnStack, pc) and you have threads.
> Want a continuation, make a copy of these data structures and save them.

*Pssst* - you are talking of the secret plans for about SLP 1.3 :-)
Now I'm at 1.1, with uthreads.
1.2 will probably remove the last left recursions in some objects.

Then we move on to pluggable interpreters. Frames are then made
flexible enough to be used as the needed stacks, and we build a
small TIL (threaded interpreted language), probably smaller and
different from Forth, but in its spirit.

guess-which-language-I-implemented-for-BS2000-in-1982 - chris

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