IIS + ASP + <#@Language=Python#>== performance_hit

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In an article posted Thu, 24 Feb 2000 23:37:01 GMT,
Mark Hammond (mhammond at skippinet.com.au) said:

[re: effect of setting IIS default language to Python]
> That would be interesting to know!

I'll see if I can get them to do this, but I was actually hoping someone 
here could try it for me and report back.  Sadly, I now appear to be the 
only one having this problem.
> My guess is that Python is being reloaded each time.  But 8 seconds
> still seems very slow for this.  

Seems pretty slow to me, too.

> I would personally just add some debug statements to pythoncom15.dll
> to report its progress.  

Probably not an option.  I can't imagine I could get them to replace a 
Python DLL and then restore the original later. 

I once lost FTP access to my site and it took them a month to restore it.  
Also, I've downloaded the FrontPage 2K Server Extensions to my FTP 
directory for them to install and I've been waiting now for two weeks.... 

> However, this doesnt work for your ISP, and I dont have time to do all 
> this work (ie, the testing/measuring) myself right now...

I understand, Mark.  No need, anyway, methinks.  We should be able to 
figger this out.  Thanks for thinking about it, though.

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