Proposal: Weekly FAQ pointer (was Re: Newbie: Is there a faq for this newsgroup?)

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Mon Mar 13 20:11:09 CET 2000

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Aesop <me at> wrote:
>        Been programming in python for, well about 2 days now. Have a whack
>of dumb questions that are probably guaranteed to see me flamed to death. Is
>there a FAQ anywhere? oe better still anyone got any good links to tutorial
>type sites for people who have not touched a computer language in about six
>or so years?

We've been getting a lot of questions like this lately, despite the
existence of  I think that a >>very short<< weekly FAQ with
pointers to the five or six most common URLs would be pretty handy.  I'm
willing to write it up if someone else takes the responsibility for
posting it; I'm just not sure whether I should talk to Fred, Barry, or
someone else.  Suggestions?

(Yes, I'm more than aware of the weekly Python-URL!, but that's not
labelled "FAQ" and it's a lot longer than someone who wants a quick
answer to "Where's the FAQ?" will read.)
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