Multi-argument append() is illegal

Ken Seehof kens at
Wed Mar 1 10:27:31 CET 2000

Quinn Dunkan wrote:

> On Tue, 29 Feb 2000 04:25:03 -0500, Tim Peters <tim_one at> wrote:
> >[Guido van Rossum]
> >> I am going to rectify this in Python 1.6 -- people coming from other
> >> languages might well expect list.append(a, b, c) to mean the same as
> >> list.append(a); list.append(b); list.append(c), and it's always been
> >> my philosophy to make ambiguous syntax illegal rather than to pick one
> >> interpretation randomly.
> >
> >Before anyone starts <wink>, protesting this appears to be as futile as
> >griping about whitespace:  The Dictator Has Spoken here.  It's been broken
> >forever and needs to get fixed.
> I for one am not going to protest.  Thank you Guido!  That little
> inconsistency has been under my skin ever since I noticed its existence.
> Nice to see that Guido has the courage to fix something that needs to be fixed
> at the cost of possibly breaking some badly written code.
> better-now-than-when-python-rules-the-world-ly y'rs

I agree.  I heard a story about a flaw in makefile syntax.  The flaw survives to
today because the guy who invented "make" said, "Well, we can't change it now
cause there are 15 people using it".

or-something-like-that-ly y'rs

- Ken Seehof

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