Python for non-programmers

Martijn Faassen m.faassen at
Mon Mar 6 16:24:15 CET 2000

ethan mindlace fremen <mindlace at> wrote:
> earlneath at wrote:
>> Whatever you do, if you're anything like the
>> son in this article _dont_ get Learning Python.

> I found Learning python to be informative, well organized, and real
> world, although I'm still reading it as I need to do something.

> I didn't notice anything C about it, but if you combine Learning Python
> with the canonical ANSI C book, picking up from those two sources will
> leave you prepared to conquer the computing world :-)

I think the original poster meant that _Learning Python_ is not a good
book if you're completely new to programming. If you already have
some programming experience _Learning Python_ is likely to be fine, but
for someone who is not into these things already _Learning Python_ can
get confusing. This was the case with my friend, for instance.

_Learning Python_ isn't designed for such newbies though, it's
for people who have at least some experience with programming.


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