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Cliff Crawford cjc26 at
Sun Mar 19 01:41:55 CET 2000

Pada Thu, 16 Mar 2000 15:00:23 GMT, Will Ware bilang:
| You might be able to use microthreads, which should be available within
| a week or two. The URL is
| I'm not familiar enough with curses to know if there'd be any
| incompatibility.

Hmm, from what I understand if one microthread does a read on a socket
or something, and it blocks, then the entire process (including all
other running microthreads) will hang until the call to read returns.
So I think you would need to set both curses and your socket to be
non-blocking for this to work..?
Other than that, microthreads seem to be pretty nice for doing this
kind of stuff (unlike using real threads, which have always seemed to
me to be overkill for simple i/o :)

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