Hidden Modules

Tom Culliton culliton at clark.net
Fri Mar 17 16:28:31 CET 2000

The builtins are written in C and built into the interpreter itself.
They are not hidden at all but rather quite thoroughly documented in
the library reference manual at:


As the saying goes, "RTFM" (Read The Friendly Manual).

In article <3p74ds4bse2cj7jb7jf3c8c65l8lqoobk4 at 4ax.com>,
Calishar  <calishar@*NOSPAM*home.com> wrote:
>  Well, I looked through all my python directories, and there was no
>MD5.py file, but I had faith (think it might have been /f who posted
>the message) so I tried it, and surprisingly enough, it worked.
>  So my question is.... what other modules are setup the same way, and
>how is it done? Are they just parts of the __builtins__ directory? Is
>it done this way because of the US gov'ts rules about encyption/

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