Tkinter listbox question

wjk wjk at
Sat Mar 25 02:47:01 CET 2000

This may or may not help -- but in tcl/tk I usually
build my listbox with an entry widget and button
such as follows:

button .button -text "Hit Me!" -command {
    dosomething with entry variable varname

entry .entry -text "" -variable varname
listbox .list -width nnn -height nnn -selectmode single etc.

then bind the list

bind .list <ButtonPress-1> {
    set varname [ .f2.list get active ]

"varname goes into the entry box
when a selection is made"

grid or pack your widgets

make a selection in your list
entry box changes
use button to perform the task
(note sometimes I have had to double-click
on the entry in the list to make the change in the
entry box correctly)

Maybe someone will carry this further on in
Tkinter and I will learn more..... Have not
done much there but the principles are basically
the same.

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