Intranet database

Patrick Phalen python-liist at
Fri Mar 24 16:49:38 CET 2000

[Nick Trout, on Fri, 24 Mar 2000]
:: Do I need to use PyApache/Httpdapy in conjunction with Zope?

No. In fact you don't need to use Apache with Zope; it comes with a
fast server of its own, which supports multiple protocols. Most users do
put Apache in front of Zope for reasons of flexibility. Since Zope is a
long running process, they then implement Persistent CGI, FastCGI or

As for your earlier comment that Zope might be overkill for your
application, perhaps so, but bear in mind that Zope is not monolithic.
It is composed of parts which can be deployed standalone with your own
Python code support; e.g., the Object Request Broker, HTML Templates
and the Object Database can all be abstracted from the mix.

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