Anyone using Curses with Python on NT?

Alexander V. Voinov avv at
Mon Mar 13 22:19:05 CET 2000

Hi, Michael,

Michael Appelmans wrote:
> re:) set of widgets newt, which might be possible to recompile with the
> win32 port of SLang.
> Could you be more specific, what are these widgets.

It's a wigdet set, used in some Linux distributions to display text-mode
'forms' with 'controls' of various types, used mainly in the
installation and system configuration tools.

> Also wouldn't your TurboVision wrapperTVpython qualify for textmode
> development , I tried to download it but starship ftpd was not listening :(!

A gnu-win32 compatible port of TurboVision library seems to be too
dependent on (n)curses. A year or so ago I recompiled it for win32 on
top of a cygwin32 port of ncurses, but it looked ugly. SLang provides an
emulation of curses (which appears fine for TV), but only for Unices.
Didn't try pdcurses though, which might help. I didn't find a
VisualC-compatible port of TV (there was one for Borland, one for
Watcom), and didn't have time to make it.

What you may see in my (djgpp based) example 'tvpython' is some
object layer on top of TV, developed for office/bookkeeping-type
applications. A small cleanup was needed for the source of this layer,
that is why I didn't upload it immediately, and due to a lack of demand
just forgot to accomplish.



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