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Thomas A. Bryan tbryan at
Fri Mar 3 03:47:28 CET 2000

Patrick Phalen wrote:
> Why not pack this in liquid nitrogen and fire it off 
> straightaway to the FAQ maintainer? (GvR? Thomas Bryan?)
> BTW, who *does* maintain the FAQ? There's no attribution.

Wow.  It's pretty scary to see my name right there with GvR!

The FAQ Wizard permits all members of the PSA to edit any 
entry in the FAQ.  Thus, when one of us gets sick of answering 
a question or spots a mistake in the FAQ, we can update the 

By the way, the FAQ Wizard is distributed with Python (in the 
Tools directory, I think), and you can use it in your own 
projects.  With a large and active user community, it turns a 
FAQ into a frequently-updated but low-maintenance document.

By the way, you're original question is already answered 
fairly well by item 4.63 of the FAQ.

just-another-documentation-freak-ly yours

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