Windows Python IDE

Michal Bozon bozon at
Tue Mar 21 15:33:30 CET 2000

I would like to know if there is any other Python IDE for Win9x/00/NT than 
IDLE and Pythonwin.

If I would compare them, I really like IDLE, which is IMHO better than
Pythonwin, because Pythonwin contains a lot of (or few) bugs (e.g. in
highliting, parsing...). IDLE is really good,
bud little bit slow (thanks Tkinter) and unstable. (Sometimes when I run
IDLE or open a module, it crashes, telling me "Abnormal Program 
termination". I would also include to IDLE some features from Pythonwin,
e.g. user tools, ...

So if you know any other IDE, please let me know.

Michal Bozon
Fac.Sci., Charles Univ., Prague, Czech Rep.
bozon at

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