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Patricia Hawkins phawkins at
Wed Mar 8 23:44:59 CET 2000

>>>>> "XLG" == Xose L Gonzalez <XoseLuis at> writes:

XLG> Hi 
XLG> Being new in Python, I got impressed by its easiness for
XLG> learning it and using it, but IMO there is a lack of
XLG> documentation, namely:

XLG> Where (web page) can I get a  modules' documentation more
XLG> complete than the one  supplied in the Python delivery, specially
XLG> regarding the text files processing??  (normally there are no
XLG> examples in the modules tutorial)  

When the documentation is not good enough, I just read the source.
As a bonus, I often discover that the author has put excellent
documentation and examples right in the source.

It's also a really good way to learn Python style and idioms.  

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