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Tue Mar 14 23:46:05 CET 2000

Hi Ralf,
If you look in the file, you will see some useful comments and
a test program.  But to answer you question, here's a working example of
accessing a telnet server on my local network.  You change the ''
to the address of your server and off you go.  The address can also be
specified with a dns name like ''

good luck,

>>> import telnetlib
>>> t = telnetlib.Telnet('')
>>> t.mt_interact()

Red Hat Linux release 6.1 (Cartman)

Kernel 2.2.12-20 on an i586

login: dnf1


Last login: Tue Mar 14 16:30:20 from
[dnf1 at dnf1]$


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> Hello,
> i need information about the telnetlib module. The given information's by
> the html help is
> not enough. I need a real example for connecting a telnet Server. Or is
> there an other possibility to start a program on a unix server, if the py
> program is running under winnt?
> Thanks for your help..

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