Embedding Python in a MUD

Phillip Lenhardt philen at earn.aa.ans.net
Thu Mar 23 21:29:01 CET 2000

In article <FrstEG.FDD at world.std.com>, Will Ware wrote:
>Greg Miller (gmiller at classic-games.com) wrote:
>> I'm considering Python as an in-mud scripting language.
>I'm interested in this. I want to do something similar. I've been in
>touch with an economics professor who has an educational microeconomics
>simulator (currently running on one machine in Vax Basic) which he'd
>like to make available on-line. I made noises about helping him, but I
>am still learning what would be involved, and a mud-like approach is
>looking like a good way to go. If he's agreeable, I think his simulator
>would be more maintainable in Python than in Basic.

Might I suggest checking out Moebius?


	* Written in Python: almost everything is runtime-modifiable.
	* SQL database backend.
	* Very dynamic: both data and code come from the database.
	* No save/load issues.
	* Fault-tolerant: nearly everything wrapped in try...except statements.
	* Generic: add anything you want in the Python layer.
	* Threaded.
	* Player scripting in Python.


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