Zope question

Gabriel Soubies soubies at ese-metz.fr
Sat Mar 11 11:36:49 CET 2000

I know this is not exactly a python question, but there is no Zope NG and
many python users know Zope, so I figured you could help me.

I'm a beginner and I've created a folder with the standart elements of my
web pages (header, footer, etc...), those that come up again and again in
each page I create.
I've created another folder with the texts of the pages I wish to create.
And then I've created a last folder to contain the final pages.
All documents in this folder have the same format, that is:

<dtml-var GeneralMenu>
<dtml-var PageText>
<dtml-var Footer>

The general structure of the table is right, I've tried it.
GeneralMenu is a DTML document in the standart elements folder.
PageText is the text of the page, it's a DTML document in the text folder
(the second on I explained).
Footer is again in the standart elements folder.

The only thing is it doesn't work.
The problem is a path problem. I don't know how to indicate an absolute
path, because when I place all thes documents in the root folder, it works,
but when I place them in different folder, it doesn't any more. It says the
IDs don't exist.
My question is :how do paths work?


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