How to tell in if python is being invoked interactively?

Randall Hopper aa8vb at
Fri Mar 31 13:27:05 CEST 2000

 |> There seems to be a C global variable "Py_InteractiveFlag", which
 |> could probably be got at with a C extension; so if you're writing one
 |> of those anyway, this shouldn't be too much of a stretch.  If you're
 |> not, dunno, sorry.
 |Yeah, that might be a good idea.  I'll probably write such a thing at
 |some stage.  Thanks.

Alex, regarding the no 'Mail-copies-to' header we talked about, I think I
see why yours isn't working with some mailers:

 |Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000 20:03:53 -0500
 |From: Alex <alex at>
 |Subject: Re: How to tell in if python is being invoked interactively?
 |Sender: python-list-admin at
 |To: python-list at
 |Errors-to: python-list-admin at
 |Message-id: <etdu2hot0g6.fsf at>
 |Organization: None
 |Precedence: bulk
 |Mail-copies-to: [nobody|poster]

That's supposed to be set to "nobody" or "poster" (without quotes).
"[nobody|poster]" is common notation for an element which has alternatives.
"nobody" means don't include me in group replies.  "poster" means, include
me.  You can't do both ;-)

By the way, this is one reason to use a valid e-mail address for the From:
line.  User's have to spam the entire list just to tell you something that
none of the list but you is interested in.

You might want to consider my approach.  Subscribe for a FREE Yahoo mail
account, and just use that address to get list mail replies.  Just go to (only takes 1 or 2 minutes).  Then put that address
in your "From:" line.

Yahoo e-mail can be checked on-line, and I do it every couple of days or
whenever I feel like it (I only use this address for mailing list mail).

Randall Hopper
aa8vb at

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