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> > I'm would like to program with Python, but I don't know, how can I save
> > and put the name to a program that I've done?
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In private email, williman clarified question in part as: how do I save
code entered at interactive prompt.

Answer 1. you can't, at least on standard system (but I have seen fancy
ways to log such input in past postings).
Answer 2, at least for Windows: cut input (and desired output) and paste
into, for instance, Notepad window.
Answer 3. Don't use >>> prompt for stuff you want to save.  Use input
window in IDLE or PythonWin or use an editor.  I have used Notepad to good
effect, as described in past post that should be on DejaNews and will try
IDLE soon.

Terry J. Reedy

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