Mail and web retrieval imaplib, rfc822?

Akhar akhar at
Tue Mar 21 06:55:38 CET 2000

Hi, I have been using this forum a lot lately! Thanks to everyone for their
hel and patience!
I have yet another question, but let me do a brief recap!! I want to make
scripts for a web based e-mail reading system, and so I went to use
and the pop server but as  I later found out while surfing the web and
through some hacking pop isn't as flexible as I thought for that sort of
service. but my problem now lies in the imaplib. I can see all my messages
(wich by the way are more numerous than pop had found) with uid rangin from
1 through 10. I thought that converting my scripts from the pop adventure
would be easy, but as it turns out it isn't I had an re.compile() and for
loop to retrieve everyting from the message body to the from and subject
headers. But they do not work with the imaplib it tell me that:
TypeError: argument 1: expected read-only character buffer, list found
I heard about who supposedly handles those pesky headers and
message bodies but I can't find a tutorial or example on how to use the to
retrieve the 'from', 'subject', 'Cc' and etc...
Also I can't seem to use the uid() command in imaplib ( at least not
properly), nor the list() ( it lists everything in my users /homedirectory
 wich is where the mailbox is).
I just need a few more pointers! Your help has been great!
Thank you in advance for any help!

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