win32all-any: Installer annoyance

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Wed Mar 1 17:55:21 CET 2000

Although I dearly love Mark Hammond's Win32 extensions for Python, there
is one thing about them that I most definitely do not love: When you
install them, they register PythonWin as the handler for the "Edit"
action defined in Explorer for all .py and .pyw files.  I am one of
those people who use XEmacs under Win32, and have defined the "Edit"
action to load the .py/.pyw file in XEmacs.  Every time I install an new
version of the Win32 extensions, my XEmacs "Edit" functionality gets
wiped out and I have to reassociate the "Edit" action with XEmacs.  How
about a win32all installer checkbox giving the user the option of
registering PythonWin as the "Edit" handler, to help those of us who
like and use different editors? (e.g., Idle may be an option, or even
PythonWorks . . .)
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