Stackless/microthreads merge news

Armin Steinhoff Armin at Steinhoff_de
Tue Mar 14 00:04:03 CET 2000

In article <38CD37D6.DC8094CC at>, Christian says...
>Konrad Hinsen wrote:
>> wware at (Will Ware) writes:
>> > The kind of thing you're looking for would involve interrupting the
>> > physical processor rather than the Python VM. Unfortunately, all your
>> Indeed. But what then are the applications for which one might
>> profitably use microthreads? It has to be Python code with no lengthy
>> C code execution nor any potentially blocking I/O. Can you really
>> get a measurable performance advantage over the standard OS threading?
>> I'd expect that the interpreter overhead should be more important than
>> the threading overhead. Or is it memory efficiency that you are aiming
>> for?
>Memory is one issue. You can have thousands of tiny threads inside
>the real ones. 

Will a micro thread have a priority ?? 

>Switching speed: At the moment, the switching
>involves a couple of Python instructions. After things have settled,
>the basic functions will vanish into a C module, probably. Then we
>have nothing else but continuations switching. That runs at least
>3 times faster than real thread switching on Windows.

Wow, I cross my fingers ... but I believe Windoz is not the ultimate scale ;-)


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