De-compiler for *.pyc files

Zarkon & Zena nospam at
Sat Mar 11 17:18:47 CET 2000

Ok, I have played with "dis" module a little bit, but don't I need to know
the names of the functions inside the *.pyc file before I can get at them?

Walter Williams
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"Michael Hudson" <mwh21 at> wrote in message
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> "Zarkon & Zena" <nospam at> writes:
> > Does anyone have a "decompiler" that I can use to re-create the original
> > *.py scripts from the "compiled" *.pyc files?
> > I am stuck trying to make changes to some legacy Python code that I do
> > have the source for.
> > Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> Do to, type "decompyle" into the box, and then hit "I'm
> feeling lucky".
> Warning: It probably won't work.  But it's worth a try.
> Failing that, you can just use the `dis' module on the functions and
> work out what they do by hand, which is not very hard, but very
> tedious.
> Cheers,
> M.
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