Editor with Python backend

Paul Jackson pj at sgi.com
Tue Mar 21 17:16:11 CET 2000

Joe Cotellese asks:
|> Does anyone know of an editor (besides Zeus and Idle)
|> that uses Python as it's backend.



    (for Unix under the X Window System)

>From its README:
       Cooledit supports multiple edit windows and  has  all  the
       conveniences of MSW/MAC text editors.  The interface has a
       beautiful 3D look and feel vaguely like Motif.  It has  an
       extensible  file size limit of 64Mb and edits binary files
       flawlessly. Besides typical functions of a  basic  editor,
       cooledit  has  the  following  features:  a builtin Python
       interpretor for Python programmability; ...

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