parsing CSV files with quotes

Al Christians achrist at
Fri Mar 31 23:54:19 CEST 2000

Chris Ryland wrote:
> Doubled quotes are *supposed* to work. Why not try putting some double
> quotes in a cell and exporting with Excel to see how they're quoted?

Yes, they do work in Excel, now that I go back and refresh my
recollection by testing again.  But doubled quotes within a string 
don't work in Star Office, however.  (FWIW, Quattro doesn't do CSV's.)

So what to you mean by "*supposed*"?? Is there any kind of ISO, BSI, or 
ANSI standard for CSV files?  I vaguely recall that the unix sort 
program falls under the posix standard, and that it is suppoed to sort 
records of delimited  fields.  Can anyone quote the law on this stuff?



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