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Ian Maurer ian_maurer at
Tue Mar 28 03:16:23 CEST 2000

I have secured a website for the distribution of my Python Enhanced Command

The website is:

The direct link to the zip file (6kb) is:

Here is the readme info that is included with pdos:

Ian Maurer
email: ian_maurer at
PDOS: Version 0.1

This is a python based win32 command line enhancer. Allows user to explore
command history (with arrow keys) and auto-expand path and file names in
current working directory with single keystroke. Easily modified and
customized to make working on the command line more productive.

This is a freeware product. No warranties or guarantees.  Use at your own
risk. Please forward additions or  suggestions to ian_maurer at
This header must  remain intact, at the top of this file when redistributing
the code.

Set up a shortcut in your start menu or desktop to run using python
(if an association is not already made). Pass to it the path of the pdos.ini
file. Modify the ini file for commands that make life easier. Read the source
code to see how easy it is to modify the code to make hot keys.

example shortcut target:

"C:\Program Files\Python\" "C:\Program Files\Python\pdos.ini"

Some tips:

    - autoextend with TAB key
    - up and down arrows to go through history
    - 'history' to get last 20 commands
    - '!!' and '!n' to run last command and n command, respectively
    - 'sd' to get a menu of last 8 directories to switch to
    - 'sdd' to switch to last directory
    - 'assoc' in ini file to run a program for files of a certain type
            ie, assoc .py python.exe
    - 'alias' in ini file to replace a simple text string with a command
            ie, pf cd C:\Program Files
    - 'exit' or 'quit' to leave the program

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