Python on Alpha OpenVMS

Ian Parker parker at
Sun Mar 26 00:17:36 CET 2000

In article <z4_C4.6214$4N.168038 at>, Tomek Lisowski
<Lisowski.Tomasz at> writes
>I have tried to compile Python sources on my VAX OpenVMS system, but soon I
>realized, that instead of my trusty DEC C++ compiler I need a native C
>compiler. Unfortunately my C++ compiler cannot be reverted to a native C
>language mode. Has anyone succeeded to create VAX OpenVMS Python binaries?
>Note: Apart from VAX OpenVMS I have also an Alpha OpenVMS server, but here I
>don't have any C/C++ compiler available. If anyone has created Alpha OpenVMS
>Python binaries, please contact me too.
>Thanks in advance
>Tomasz Lisowski


If you aren't planning changes to the source, why not just download and
link the object modules from:

I'm so inspired by this solution, I'm at last downloading them myself.


Ian Parker

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