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Steffen Ries steffen.ries at
Mon Mar 20 13:54:12 CET 2000

Chris Curvey <ccurvey at> writes:

> import shelve
> dbase  ="foo")
> This runs fine the first time, and dutifully creates a file named
> "foo".  But anytime after that, I get an error "anydbm.error:  db type
> could not be determined"
> The OS "file" command says that "foo" is a "Berkeley DB: 2.X Hash/Little
> Endian (Version 5)".  I'm running on Red Hat 6.1.
> Any idea what I'm doing wrong?  The online docs, and the O'Reilly book
> aren't leading me anywhere.  I checked for a FAQ in this group, but
> didn't see one.

I'm not sure if I should blame RedHat, but I had the same problem
after installing RH-6.1.

My solution was to build python from source and re-install.

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