Splitting comp.lang.python

Neil Hodgson neilh at hare.net.au
Thu Mar 2 01:04:58 CET 2000

 Mikael Olofsson writes:

> Not necessarily exactly those subgroups, but definitely something in
> that direction, yes. Based on my first post in this thread, I come up
> with the following
>   c.l.py             General
>   c.l.py.gui         GUI
>   c.l.py.os          os/platform dependent issues
>   c.l.py.db          DataBase handling
>   c.l.py.advocacy    Whitespace and such

   I think this is splitting along the wrong dimension.

   The criterion for a good split should be "How many mails of no interest
to me does it remove from the daily list"?

    For me, I'd most like to remove tk messages and messages explaining how
to configure emacs (not that there are really too many of those). However, I
like to see Win32 messages but can see that others may want to avoid them.

    Therefore, I'd say
        comp.lang.python.misc    # Splitting removes top c.l.py

   There seems to me to be plenty of posts for these three to thrive. Maybe
a comp.lang.python.unix although there may not be as much unix-specific

    It'd be sad if we ever reached the level of unpleassantness about
off-topic posts that some groups have achieved. Best to answer the question
in the wrong group and suggest nicely that the off topic post would receive
more response in the correct group.


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