Remote install of Python on Windows NT

Craig Findlay craigf at
Wed Mar 22 22:03:57 CET 2000

Jeff, thanks for your help and the pynetinst suggestion :)


"Jeff Kunce" <kuncej at> wrote:

>Craig Findlay <craigf at> wrote in message
>news:fqr0ds0ijrm0k521qjp6p7r1bjd0sncohi at
>> Does anyone know if it is possible to do a remote installation of
>> Python on Windows NT4, ie not running the installer from the console,
>> but manually copying files.
>I worked out a procedure for running python from a shared network
>drive. A batch file installs to each client. It could probably be modified
>to do what you want. It's kind of rough, but all the pieces are there.
>   pynetinst
>  --Jeff

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