Make'ing PIL

Fredrik Lundh effbot at
Fri Mar 3 20:54:27 CET 2000

Anders M Eriksson wrote:
> I'm trying to install PIL on my local account at my ISP but I can't
> figure out how.
> I have build the jpeg and zlib and installed them into $HOME/lib
> $HOME/include, since my ISP doesn't want me to install them at
> /usr/local
> I then follow the instructions as Fredrik has written them:
> cd libImaging
> ./configure
> make
> after a long while I get an error:
> In file included from ZipDecode.c:22:
> Zip.h:11: zlib.h: No such file or directory
> make: *** [ZipDecode.o] Error 1

check the Setup file -- the _imaging line must contain
-L and -I options for all library and include files used by
the _imaging module.


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