Python Oracle module for Oracle 8 -- NEED HELP!!!!

Peter Bittner bittneph at
Fri Mar 10 15:01:02 CET 2000

I need help very urgently!!!

I'm trying to find (and to install) Python's Oracle module.
That's the Oracle module I'm trying to make working:

The problem is I'm using

  - Oracle 8  and
  - Python 1.5.2

but the Oracle module mentioned above is made for

  - Python 1.4/1.3  and
  - Oracle 7 !!!

None of the Oracle files to be compiled by make exists in Oracle 8

I desperately need an Oracle module for Python, I can't use MySQL now, I
must stick to Oracle.

Please help, if you can! Tell me if you've got experiences with this
module, especially when you're using it with Oracle 8!!

Please help!!   --> PLEASE, EMAIL TO:  bittneph at

| Peter H. Bittner
| International Student at Aston University
| e-mail: bittneph at
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