novell accounts - nds authentication in ZOPE

Ben Thomas bthomas at
Mon Mar 6 20:21:39 CET 2000

I am looking to implement a solution like ZOPE to allow for a user
controlled web resource in one of my clients offices. Based on user
accounts , the users can do nothing, read, or write to files. I know
people do this all the time but I was wondering if I can use the NOVELL
4.11 accounts these users already have. I use them currently with LDAP
authenticated access via servlets but I don't know about ZOPE. I see
some pre 1.0 LDAP work but I think I'll wait till it hits 1.0. 

If you were me where would you look? Any other ideas welcome. 

(I really hope we see some great news out of Novells BRAINSHARE re Linux
real soon)
Ben Thomas
'I like this Linux!'

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