Newbie: Reading textfiles

ze luis.amoreira at
Wed Mar 1 23:12:04 CET 2000

"Lutz Schröer" wrote:

> Hi,
> after looking for a"clever" solution for reading a text file line by line
> from the beginning to the end for the whole day, I have to ask this
> ridiculous newbie question:
> How do I read a textfile line by line and catch the eof?
> Latz

How clever would you like it? This one is straight from the standard
tutorial, Chapter 7. Say you want to read from a file named "file.txt", and
print each line. Just do:

input=open('file.txt','r')         #open file.txt for reading
while 1:
   newline = input.readline()    #read a line
   if newline == '': break         #is it empty? you've hit eof. stop reading

   print newline                       #else, print the line

I hope it helps.
Ze Amoreira,
amoreira at

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