Thomas Weholt thomas at
Thu Mar 9 16:21:51 CET 2000

Stefan Otten wrote:

> Hello,
> i have a little problem with Python?!
> When i try to install the Zope-Packages (RPM's) i get a Error-Message like
> "unsatisfied dependencies Python-Devel /sbin/chkonfig"
> But i have installed the Python Package with Yast2 (Suse 6.3)!
> Is there a package missing?! I could't find "chkonfig".
> Who can help?
> Thanx a lot
> Stefan Otten
> Cologne, Germany


Try installing another Python-package manually, look at I`ve
had similar problems with Suse and the included Python-packages too. It`s
probably missing zlib libraries etc. also.

Worst case scenario: build Python from source. Scary hu? Switch to a
debian-based distribution of Linux and those problems are gone.

PS! By the way, this might not be directly python-related, more
Linux-specific, and you might get alot of flak for asking questions like this
ie. not directly on topic, or <bash-perl>perhaps that only applies to
comp.lang.perl , where the really angry people live </bash-perl>.


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