cross platform guis

Paul Magwene paul.magwene at
Wed Mar 22 16:30:05 CET 2000

Matthew Barre wrote:
> My first project is now to the point that it is ready to have a gui. I am
> developing on a Macintosh. I'd like my gui to be fairly platform independent
> ie I'd like it to run on Linux/Unix, MacOS, and Windows 9x. I've briefly
> tackled Tkinter but I'll be honest we don't seem to get along. From what
> I've heard/learned wxPython doesn't have a mac port so that is an obstacle.
> Is it just impossible to gui it to all three? I love my Mac and I love
> Python, but it seems the two together seem kind of isolated. Suggestions
> highly appreciated.

Tkinter and I didn't get along at first either.  He seemed a little
standoffish at first but I got to like him.

Seriously though, it seems that Tkinter is still the only game in town
in terms of a truly cross-platform GUI for python.  I've played around
with pyGTK and wxPython, both of which are lots of fun, and have more
built in functionality, but neither of them is available on the Mac

I highly recommend John Grayson's book, Python and Tkinter Programming. 
This is a great book, and I bet that after half an hour of reading
you'll be starting to get the hang of Tkinter.


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