mod_perl and mod_python, is perl better for that task?

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>>If you don't need to use Apache, you might consider using Zope, which is
>>a full-blown platform for supporting Python web applications.  (You
>>could even do what we're doing and proxy Apache requests through to
>>Zope; it was easier for us than trying to embed Zope.)
>? Apache and Zope aren't in opposition at all--or maybe I'm misreading
>your meaning.  What was difficult about "trying to embed Zope"?  This
>sounds important enough that I'm sure the Zopesters would want to know

Sorry for the lack of clarity.  I'm pretty sure most of the problem was
a combination of our inexperience, lack of time to learn better, and
Zope1, but we had a lot of difficulty with Apache and PCGI.  When we
upgraded to Zope2, it was a lot easier for us to set up a ZServer behind
an Apache proxy.  I presume it would be even easier to skip Apache
entirely.  We couldn't do that because we needed an SSL certificate.
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