The output of "exec dir" vs. just "dir"

Alex Farber farber at
Wed Mar 15 05:12:19 CET 2000


when I enter "dir" on the Python interactive prompt, 
I get "<built-in function dir>". But entering "exec 'dir'",
outputs nothing. To get the same result, I have to enter
"exec 'print dir'" (w/o double quotes). The same is true for:

   3              vs.           exec 3
 globals()        vs.         exec "globals()"

Why is it this way? Can I change it? I am asking, because 
I am simulating Python's prompt by calling Py_CompileString() + 
PyEval_EvalCode(), which is probably the same, what "exec" 
does. It works okay, but I'd like to get rid of the difference 
described above. Thank you.


PS: The complete code is at

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