Splitting comp.lang.python

David Fisher python at rose164.wuh.wustl.edu
Thu Mar 2 12:44:40 CET 2000

I sugest:

But seriously, after performing an advanced statistical analysis of the
threads for the last few months (1), the only new groups that might reduce
traffic to a measurable degree in the main group would be GUI and win32.
I've read where others would like a more general platform group, but let's
face it, windows has the most platform-dependent issues, as show by my
research (1).

Also, nothing anybody can do will ever keep the whitespace thread out of the
main group. not nuclear weapons, not Martha Stewart, not duct tape (which is
know to be able to do almost anything).  People who want to gripe, do not
want to gripe to themselves in a corner.  They want to gripe loudly to the
manager in the middle of a crowded restaurant.  They want to be HEARD!.


(1) by glancing through the mail archives by thread, and making a rough
guess in my head I've come up with the following breakdown of messages by

123%    whitespace {rules/sucks/is good/is bad/causes hairloss/stole my
67%    Python vs. {perl/lisp/haskell/c/c++/mike tyson/a lump of clay I found
in my armpit}
47%    Tk vs. {wxPython,Gtk, etch-a-sketch, LSD}
14%    I want to embed Python in my {program,hardware,dog}
7%    Squirrels
5%    This topic will make your head hurt such that you will want to jam a
pencil in you left eye to relieve the pressure (e.g. continuations)
653%    Other

All statistics +/- 345.345654%, percentages may not add to 100%, all
decisions of the judges are final, offer void in tennesse, do not allow near
open flame.

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