Project Proposal: The Gestalt System

Paul Jackson pj at
Mon Mar 27 23:44:47 CEST 2000

|> The Gestalt System project mission statement is one HELL of a
|> run-on sentence too.  :)  You might want to break this up into a
|> bulleted list ..

Not clear that would help -- their URL leads to another copy
of that same run-on sentence, which leads to "full" and "expurgated"
versions of a "Manifesto", whose Preamble, after yet another copy
of this run-on sentence, does have a bulleted list, under the
"Preamble" heading.  That list is also rather daunting.

But the opening line of the Preamble is useful:

    A spectre is haunting cyberspace -- the spectre of unanalysed
    and unreported data. 

All in all, sounds like someone is risking byting off more than
they can chew.

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