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Tue Mar 7 15:17:33 CET 2000


> Of course #3 can be done (technically speaking).  And in return for it
> getting done, would you volunteer to donate your personal time to
> change all the existing lines of Python code in the world that this
> change would break?

Of course not. I saw your point in your earlier post, and I agree.

> This is not an issue about "caring" about C++ programmers.  I am a C++
> programmer, and literally hundreds of my colleagues over the past
> decade or so have been C++ programmers.  Many of these people have
> tried Python.  And *none* of them have ever even made a complaint
> about the explicit "self" of Python.  You are the first C++ programmer
> I have encountered who has ever raised this as an issue.  That's one
> out of hundreds of people.

I find that very strange, but if that's true (I don't question that), then I
have nothing more to say: you have "won", if that's what you wanted ;)

> Your arguments have always been clear.  And they are still rather
> unconvincing.

That's OK, I'm just making suggestions you know, don't take that discussion
too seriously :)

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