Python tutorial/comparison for C++ programmer

Grant Edwards grant at nowhere.
Wed Mar 22 22:17:55 CET 2000

In article <077C600D9F281A4D.487194D3E94C88DA.D53DE68986E89418 at>, Cameron Laird wrote:

>>You can easily do low level Windows programming(pipes, threads,
>>etc.) And of course, the important word is _easily_. It's much
>>faster to write win32 python and win32 C++. And, if you need it
>>to be C++, you can first get the basic idea working in python
>This can hardly be overemphasized.  There are even hints that
>Microsoftians are catching on to the reality that Python is the
>best language for Win32 development.  Think how remarkable this

Then you know what happens next: They start to ship MS-Python.

With almost-useful, almost-compatible, almost-working
extensions and changes to the language and libraries.

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