Intranet database

Tony McDonald tony.mcdonald at
Thu Mar 23 22:38:33 CET 2000

In article <38da58e7 at>, "Nick Trout" 
<nick at> wrote:

> Sorry, I should probably add that I have an Apache web server installed 
> (Red Hat
> 6.1) on a Linux box which will do all the work!
> The data set will be a moderate size, not enormous. It's for a bug 
> tracking
> system.

Zope is pretty easy to use. It integrates with all manner of databases 
and Apache, but as you say,for your situation, it may be overkill. Which 
is a shame, because programming in Python and Zope is a real pleasure... 

Alternatively, you could use *kof* php *kof* and keystone - it's a bug 
tracker system, and (last time I checked) free
You shouldn't need to do any programming in PHP using Keystone.


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