Code basics

Joshua Macy amused at
Fri Mar 17 22:26:04 CET 2000

Lance Ellinghaus wrote:
> For some of us (C programmers by trade), this type of coding is very normal and
> has no readability problems.
> In C you could do the following:
> printf( (getNumberOfSomething()==10 ? "Tjohoo" : "Oh no!") );
> When I first saw this code posted, I thought "Nice! Clean and simple"...
> Lance Ellinghaus

  Code that's normal and readable for C belongs in C, not in Python. 
It's very common to see programmers writing C or FORTRAN programs in
whatever language they're currently using, but those programs are never
as good (readable, correct, maintainable) as programs actually written
in the native idiom.

y'rs,  Joshua

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